ON THANKSGIVING DAY, we will hide an object in plain sight within a 31-mile radius of the State Capitol Building in Austin, and if you are the first person to find this object, you will win a treasure trove of silver ingots and coins, a value of over $1,000!

For the past three years, Escape Room Leander has had thousands of happy visitors solve clues, codes, and puzzles with family, friends, or co-workers. Thank you very much for coming out and having fun!

But now, we are taking the adventure outside, with a real-life Treasure Hunt!

This Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 22), an Object will be hidden somewhere in the Austin area, and all you need to do is find it to win a treasure trove of Silver coins and ingots worth over $1,000.

To find that object, pre-order "The Eddie Silver Story -- Central Texas Treasure Hunt" by Alan Whitaker now for just $3, and in that story will be encoded directions to a specific object in a specific location within a 31-mile radius of the State Capitol building in Austin. Everyone who pre-orders will receive their story on Thanksgiving Day, so don’t wait...someone might very well find the treasure on the very first day.

Solve the Riddle of the Story, go to that specific Location, get the Object, and a prize of at least $1,000 in silver coins and ingots will be yours!

The exact Location will be coded into the story. We believe that the Riddle of the Story is easy enough to be solved by a smart 11-year-old, so include everyone in the family. The solution requires basic knowledge of the English language.

Because the treasure consists of silver ingots and coins, a Team of Hunters can easily split the prize...or you can go solo and keep it all for yourself.

No special math skills are required. In fact, there’s no math required at all.

No knowledge of local geography, history, landmarks, customs, or street names is required.

The Object will be “in plain sight,” not buried or even partially buried, so leave your shovels at home.

The Object will be located between ground level and 6 feet from ground level.

The Object will be a common item that is easily identified by the Riddle of the Story. No arcane or archaic language will be used in the solution, just common English words.

The Riddle of the Story could be solved by anyone, anywhere in the world, who reads the story and cracks the code. But to win the prize, the person must retrieve the Object in person. You must actually have the Object in your hands, not simply know where it’s located.

The Object is small enough that one person can easily carry it.

The Location is public, not private property. If you cannot tell the difference between public and private property, you should consider not participating in the Hunt.

The Object is outdoors.

The Location does not require either an entrance fee nor a parking fee.

No swimming, hiking, boating, or climbing will be required to get the Object.

The Object is not in a parking lot, nor does it require you to park on a busy roadway, street, highway, median strip, or trafficked area.

Once you find the Object, you must contact the Contest Winner’s Hotline. This is a phone number you will discover if you find the Object.

Please do not contact Escape Room Leander for information about the Hunt. You will be referred back to this document, or to websites such as Facebook or the Escape Room Leander website, or to the Story itself, if after the Thanksgiving download.

No additional information (clues, hints) will be given outside "The Eddie Silver Story".

The information you are reading now is the most complete source of information about the Hunt, until the actual Story is published on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018. Pre-order it now, and it will be available on your Kindle or Kindle App on Thanksgiving Day.


How do I join the Hunt?

Pre-order for $3 at Amazon.com The Eddie Silver Story -- Central Texas Treasure Hunt by Alan Whitaker right now, then download on Thanksgiving Day 2018. It is available only at Amazon, and only for the Kindle or Kindle app. It will not be published in bookstores or hardcopy, only on the Kindle or Kindle app. Once the Hunt has been solved, the story will be removed and no longer available for download.

How do I win?

Solve the Riddle of the Story, go to the Location, get the Object, then call the Contest Winner’s Hotline.

What is the prize?

At least $1,000 worth of Silver ingots and coins. Silver is valued by weight. On the day that you find the Object, you will be rewarded with Silver ingots and coins that have a market value of at least $1,000. The future value of Silver may go up or down depending on the market.

How long is The Eddie Silver Story -- Central Texas Treasure Hunt?

More than 5,000 but less than 10,000 words. It would be considered a short story, rather than a novella (30,000-60,000 words), or novel (60,000 words or more).

Can my uncle in Seattle play?

Yes, it is possible for anyone in the world to solve the Riddle...but to win, they must find the Object in the real world. Merely solving the Riddle isn’t enough -- you’ve got to actually get the Object.

What is the Object?

A common item. It is described when you solve the Riddle of the Story. Everyone knows what this item is, and everyone would be able to identify one of these items on sight.

Can we form a team, then split the treasure?

Yes, because the treasure consists of Silver ingots and coins, your team can divide the ingots and coins amongst yourselves in any amount you choose.

Where will the Object be located?

Within a 31-mile radius of the Texas Capitol Building in Austin.
Not on the actual grounds of the Capitol.
In public.
Above ground.
A non-dangerous location.
In a non-parking-fee location.
In a non-gated area.
Again, do not search for the Object on the grounds of the Capitol.

I can’t get to the location. Can I just tell you the solution?

No. You or someone working with you must go to the actual Location and get the Object in your hands.

I’ve solved the Riddle already, from the clues in this explanation!

No you haven’t.

What if I go to the location but the Object isn’t there?

It is possible that the Object could be taken by someone who doesn’t know how special it is, because it is a useful item, it’s in public, and could be easily carried away.

The location will be monitored every 48-72 hours. If the Object is missing, the Finder has 24 hours to contact the Winner’s Hotline.

This 24 hour clock will be announced at Escape Room Leander’s Facebook page, and here at escaperoomleander.com

If the Object is not turned in or a call not made to the Winner’s Hotline within 24 hours from the time the Object goes missing, a new Object (similar to the original) will be hidden in the same location and the Hunt will continue!

What if this happens multiple times, and unknown people keep walking away with the Objects, but don’t know what they are?

We will continue to replace the Object until someone playing the Hunt finds it and contacts the Winner’s Hotline.

The official winner will be the first person to contact the Winner’s Hotline, and who also has the hidden Object in their hands.

I’ve solved the Riddle of the Story, but the location is more than 31 miles from the Capitol Building.

It isn’t. Your solution is wrong.

I’ve solved the Riddle, but the building is locked.

The Object is outside. Your solution is wrong.

I’ve solved the Riddle, but I can’t read German.

The answer is in English. Your solution is wrong.

Can you give me a hint?

No. Everything you need to solve the Riddle of the Story is in The Eddie Silver Story -- Central Texas Treasure Hunt by Alan Whitaker.

What are my odds of winning?

This isn’t gambling or a game of chance; it’s entirely a test of skill. If you solve the Riddle of the Story, go to the Location, get the Object, and call the Winner’s Hotline, then you’ll win.

If someone else does, they win.

It’s a competition based entirely on problem solving and zero luck.

The prize is $1,000 in Silver ingots and coins. What does that mean?

Because the value of Silver changes from day to day, the exact prize you’ll win can vary from day to day. Silver is valued by weight. You will win a number of ounces of Silver ingots and coins with a value of at least $1,000 on the day that you win.

Example: Say the value of Silver is $14.50 per ounce on the day the Hunt begins, but falls to only $14.00 per ounce on the day the Object is found. $1,000/$14.00 = 71.43 ounces, so the winner would receive 72 ounces of Silver.

If the price of Silver had stayed at $14.50 per ounce, then $1,000/$14.50 = 68.93, so the winner in that case would receive 69 ounces of Silver. We will round up to the nearest whole ounce of Silver so that the value is at or above $1,000.

Is there any other way to get clues?

No. Only the story The Eddie Silver Story -- Central Texas Treasure Hunt by Alan Whitaker will contain any clues or solutions to the Riddle of the Story.

If the Riddle goes unsolved for a long time, will you give hints?

There are no plans at this time to give extra hints, but we won’t rule out giving hints if the Hunt is not solved by Christmas. We believe that it’s very possible the Hunt will both start and end on Thanksgiving Day!

So order "The Eddie Silver Story -- Central Texas Treasure Hunt" by Alan Whitaker now for just $3, download it on Thanksgiving, and take the whole family on a real-life Treasure Hunt!





Click here to jump to Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/y9ahhyd8

The riddle of the story will point you to an exact location and object. All you have to do is get the object, call the Winner's Hotline, and you win the silver!

When you pre-order "The Eddie Silver Story," that publication will automatically download to your Kindle or free Kindle App on Thanksgiving Day.

Once the story downloads, study it carefully, solve the riddle of the story, and then go get that treasure! Good luck and have fun!


​(This is the same information as in the 99 cent document currently available on Amazon. It is NOT "The Eddie Silver Story -- Central Texas Treasure Hunt" by Alan Whitaker, which will contain the clues necessary to win the treasure hunt.

That document is available for pre-order at $3 (or FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited) for the Kindle or Kindle App, which is a free App.)

These are some of the actual silver ingots and coins you will win if you solve the riddle of the story and find the object described in the Amazon publication"The Eddie Silver Story -- Central Texas Treasure Hunt" by Alan Whitaker. 

Link to Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/y9ahhyd8