The Wiley Center has two addresses, either 2403 or 2405 SOUTH US-183 in Leander.

Book now for any of our rooms at the Group Price of only $99 per room. All rooms are private experiences with your group only. Come in and have some fun with family, friends, or co-workers!

FOR SPECIAL REQUESTS, call or text 512-731-9882


About Us

2403 S. US-183, Leander, TX (the wiley center, just north of osage)

We've had a Christmas-themed room every year for 4 years now! Keep an eye out for other Special Event rooms...Valentine's for February...St. Patrick's for March...

Our players are ALL IN for having fun!

Your Gaming Experience

Escape Room Leander is here to provide you and your group a fun outing of games and excitement. Whether you are an escape room veteran or just a beginner, our goal is to give you a great game. We hope to see you soon!


Pull the sword from the stone, escape the castle, and earn the right to take your throne as King or Queen of Leander! Your group of 4-6 will enjoy a private game for a flat rate of $99 for the group.

Due to the difficulty of this room, beginners or groups with younger players (13 and under) are encouraged to choose Flabbergasted or Flabbergasted 2.0..

FLABBERGASTED -- A room for everyone!

It might be easy to get out of this room with the Candy you find, but first you have to get in! A group rate of $99 for up to 8 players.


It's a brand new set of clues for the Flabbergasted Room, so if you've played once, come back and play again. It'll be a brand new game!