Let's Compare Prices

At Escape Room Leander, your group always has a Private Experience, so there will be no strangers playing along with you. All rooms are $119 for the whole group, from 4-8 players, a great value. Let's take a look at prices for some other Austin-area escape rooms, as of January 1...

Austin Panic Room, $27/player 

4 players = $108
5 players = $135
6 players = $162
7 players = $189
8 players = $216

Maze Rooms, Project Panic, Escapology, $30/player

4 players = $120

5 players = $150

6 players = $180

7 players = $210

8 players = $240

Other rooms are even higher!

Escape Game ($33/player)

Great Room Escape ($40/player)

Our $119 rate for any group is the best value in the Austin area...and no downtown traffic!

AT ESCAPE ROOM LEANDER we currently offer 4 rooms, with

THE HOLIDAY ROOM as our latest offering!

1. THE HOLIDAY ROOM!We've done rooms for Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter...and now we're putting them all in one room, with some sweet rewards! Come out for this room where you can celebrate many different holidays at once! Group rate just $119, up to 8 players (less than $15 per player). All games are private; no strangers playing with you.

2. The FLABBERGASTED Room, (aka "The Candy Room"),designed for 4-8 players, great for the whole family, or for first-time players looking for a room that's fun and not super challenging. Team building welcome! Your first task is to get into the room...the second is to get as much candy as possible! Group rate of $119 for 4-8 players in a private game.

3. FLABBERGASTED 2.0 is open now!If you've already played the Flabbergasted Room, come back and play Flabbergasted 2.0. It's the same room, but with entirely NEW clues, so it's a brand new experience inside and out. And yes, there's still delicious candy hidden inside. Group rate $119, up to 8 players in a private game.

4. THRONE OF LEANDER Room is our most challenging room. When you pull the Sword from the Stone, you earn the right to sit on the Throne! Someone in your party may end up as the King or Queen of Leander in this King Arthur/Game of Thrones-style room, where you must solve problems and give the correct answers to the Oracle to earn the keys that will help you escape...into the Throne. Because of this room's difficulty, it is not recommended for players under 15 years of age.

It's not dangerous, it's just fun. You and your group will be in a room full of puzzles and codes, working together as a team to solve the game and finish before your time runs out!

Escape Rooms are a growing worldwide phenomenon; Escape Room Leander was the first in Williamson County; we're in our 5th year! Come in and have fun!​​


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What is an Escape Room?


FLABBERGASTED (the Candy Room) (4-8)



All rooms are a Group Rate of $119, and each game is private, with no strangers playing with you.

Do you have only 2 or 3 players? Call or text 512-731-9882 for a special code to get a special rate for only 2 or 3 players for the Holiday or Flabbergasted Rooms...the Throne of Leander must be played with 4-6 players.